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Financial Planning Classes for a Better Retirement

What will I learn?

How to retire smart. Together, we will outline retirement challenges and solutions you can use.By the end of the class, you will have the knowledge to secure the retirement you’ve envisioned — confidently. Please see course descriptions for more information.

Who are these classes for?

Each course will have material catered to various situations. In general , classes are intended for adults aged 50-70 who are in or near retirement.

Where are classes held?
Most classes are taught at a local college or university classroom in your community. The class venue will vary depending on your location.
What is the commitment if I register for a class?
A commitment to attend and participate! Classes can fill up quickly, leaving hopeful attendees on a wait-list, so we ask that registrants let us know as soon as possible should a schedule conflict arise.
Is anything for sale?

No.  The classes are curriculum based and purely educational.

How long will each class last?

Our Retirement 101 course class sessions typically last 2–2.5 hours.

Who teaches the class?

You’ll find  Instructors to be recognized nationally, expert in retirement education, and passionate  for teaching critical information for  today’s retirement.

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